Scrolling Text Section for Shopify (aka Marquee / Ticker)

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Add a scrolling banner anywhere on your Shopify store. 

This feature is often called a "Marquee", "Ticker", "scrolling announcement bar", etc...

It's easy to install with just a copy & paste, and can be used on any theme.

Use it for a variety of different content, anywhere on the page, and customize the design to your needs.

You can use a simple design:

Or make it unique with emoji's, images, fonts...


(password is 123)

Simple install process:

  1. Open up the code editor for your theme (Online Store > Theme > ... (three dots menu) > Edit Code
  2. Click "Add a new section" under the sections folder.
  3. Paste in the code and save. Done!

Now you can find the section in your theme customizer, together with all your other theme sections.

Lots of settings to customize the look

Links: Add a link, can open in new tab

Animation: Adjust scroll speed, pause when hovered, change direction

Colors: Background color & text color

Borders: Show/hide borders, change color, control over top & bottom border separately

Fonts: Font family (choose from any Shopoify fonts), font size, line height, letter spacing, and separate settings for mobile.

Spacing: Adjust the gap between items, top and bottom padding, top and bottom margin between sections.

Custom class (advanced): Add a class to target the section from CSS in your theme.

Why use my Shopify add-ons instead of apps?

No monthly fees

Buy it once and own it for life.

And if I release an updated version, you can download it for free.

Built into your theme editor

Edit everything in one place using the native Shopify interface, not a separate app screen.


Shopify apps will slow down your store. Add-ons using native Shopify code will not. 

Seamless design

Apps sometimes stand out like a sore thumb. A built-in solution will look like part of your theme, be less buggy, and feel faster. 


I will be updating this product if I get any requests for new settings, features or bug reports. Feel free to email me at

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30-day money back guarantee

If this product doesn't work on your theme, please contact for assistance or a full refund.

Last updated Jan 16, 2024

Code + PDF instructions

Simple installation & use
Copy & paste into your theme with a detailed PDF showing you how to do it.
Theme compatibility
Works with any theme!
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Scrolling Text Section for Shopify (aka Marquee / Ticker)

12 ratings
I want this!